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"Spam. Don't Buy It."
Public Education Effort Launched And Funded By Permission Email Pioneer Mike Adams

"Spam. Don't Buy It."
Public Education Effort Launched And Funded By Permission Email Advocate Mike Adams

December 3, 2003 - Tucson, AZ - A national anti-spam public education effort was launched today by permission email pioneer Mike Adams. The "Spam. Don't Buy It." campaign ( works to educate Internet users on the importance of engaging in transactions only with those businesses and organizations that adhere to permission email practices.

"If you buy something from a spammer," Adams explains, "you are part of the problem." Every purchase made from a spam email, he says, bankrolls spammers with enough funds to email another million people.

Adams' solution to the spam problem is regarded as a grassroots, free market approach. "Take the profit out of spam and spammers go away," he explains. "Only buy from companies that respect your privacy and email you with your permission, not from spammers who clog your inbox with irrelevant email."

Spam. Don't Buy It.

The slogan, "Spam. Don't Buy It." reminds users of the importance of recognizing their role in the economics of spam. Through this campaign, Adams hopes Internet users will think twice before purchasing products from spammers. "Many Internet users are living a double standard," he says. "They're screaming at spammers on one hand, but secretly purchasing from them on the other." This behavior creates precisely the financial incentives that keep spammers in business.

How can an Internet user distinguish between spam and permission email? Adams offers the following guidelines for Internet users:

  • Permission email is sent from companies you've interacted with previously.
  • Permission email has a meaningful subject line.
  • Permission email has a working unsubscribe link.
  • Permission email never promotes products like Viagra or porn.
  • Permission email is often personalized with your name.

Additional guidelines are available at

The "Spam. Don't Buy It." public education effort is a non-commercial effort. It generates no profits whatsoever and is fully dedicated to fighting spam.


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About Mike Adams
Mike Adams is the President & CEO of Arial Software, LLC, maker of Campaign Enterprise permission email software, used by organizations to communicate with customers, readers, members and subscribers on a personalized basis. Arial Software's clients include Fortune 500 firms, universities, government and non-profits. For more information, visit

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